Our Collaborations

Looking for something a little different? We’ve collaborated with everyone from Michelin Star chefs to heavy metal bands, to create the truly unique.


A&H X TANKER: The Sacc Trois IPA

Towards the end of last year we invited our friends from Tanker brewery over to make a beer with us and to share our taps for the evening. Tanker are an Estonian brewery who we had met the previous year at a few beer festivals around Europe. We were all really impressed with their beers, so were keen brew with them as soon as we could.

After a few discussions we decided to build a beer around Saccharomyces Trois, a wild strain of Sacc. that until recently had been mis-classified as Brettanomyces due to its fermentation behaviour and characteristics. Tanker had used this before, but it was a first for us, so we were keen to see what we could get out of this yeast. Despite it’s wild background, it seems that yeast lends itself to hop forward beer. When it was thought to be a strain of Brett., it was always considered to be at the fruity, rather than farmy, end of things, and as such we decided use it in an IPA.

We used a blend of Mosaic and El Dorado in the boil, and Ekuanot and Ella in the dry hop, along with a small amount of CaraAroma malt in the grist. This recipe was designed to give us plenty of fruit from the hops, and just a touch of sweetness from the malt (Sacc. Troi is a high-attenuating yeast, so we wanted to make sure we had some body left in the beer once it was done).

As for the yeast, its certainly had an impact. The nose is full of fruit, specifically ripe fruit, very ripe fruit for that matter. Ripe mango and juicy tropical fruit dominate, along with some dank and herbal notes from the hops. The body is smooth, with light touch of bitterness to balance, and a dry finish.

The Sacc. Trois IPA is keg only, and will be available at our Tap Room and beyond from this Friday (2nd Feb).


A&H x Dugges: The Red Wine Stout

Back in August we were privileged to host Dugges to both brew with us, and share a tasting evening with our customers. As discussed on the evening, the beer we brewed was a red-wine inspired stout. During the boil we added black pepper and liquorice root to the kettle. Once fermentation was done, we add blackcurrant juice to the FV, before moving the beer into incredibly fresh red wine barrels (originally these were meant to be Syrah, but the wine maker decided the wine needed to stay in the barrels a little longer, so he sent us Pinot Noir instead!)

Despite the fairly long list of ingredients, the beer is all about the balance of flavour. The fruit character from both the blackcurrent and the wine is present up front, with a slight acidity on the palate from the fruit. The liquorice and the pepper play supporting roles, adding a little spice and complexity to the finish.


A&H X L’Ermitage: The Tea Saison

We first met the guys from L’Ermitage this time last year at Le Barboteur festival in Brussels where they happened to be pouring beer for the very first time. Since then they have gone on to secure a new premises, order a new brew house and run a successful  crowd-funding campaign. We invited them over to brew with us at the beginning of the month, and asked them to bring with them one of their favourite brewing ingredients, tea. We had agreed on a saison as the base beer, and the guys chose a fairly intense black tea with Yuzu, Bergamot, Citronella and Ginger. The tea was added at the end of the boil and post fermentation in order to avoid any bitter tannin extraction. The beer (being bottled on Wednesday) is tasting great, with the spicy estery notes of the saison yeast being brightened up by the citrus notes of the tea.