The Experimentals

Scouring the world and the history books to brew the unexpected, our quest for new flavour has led to some serious experimentation.


The Patersbier

A Belgium style table beer, The Patersbier has a soft, delicate and fruity flavour.

Crafted from the Sorachi Ace & Citra hops, traditionally favoured by Belgium monks, it’s smooth and slightly bitter. A real step back in time to the origins of craft.

Malt: Extra Pale Maris Otter, Pilsner, Oats & Munich

Hops: Sorachi Ace, Citra

Yeast: WLP530

ABV: 4.4%

EBC: 6

IBU: 25

SKU: Keg, 330ml Bottle



The Petite Saison Brett

Something different on the palate? Light, delicate and full of funk, this deliciously dry Saison is jam packed with vivid aroma. Brewed using Brett, a wild yeast, the beer re-ferments in the bottle, producing a unique flavour and aroma compounds.

Malt: Extra Pale Maris Otter, Pilsner, Flaked Barley, CaraPils, Rye, Wheat & Oats.

Hops: Sorachi Ace

Yeast: WLP590 & Brett. Lambicus

ABV: 3.9%

EBC: 6

IBU: 7

SKU: 750ml Bottle



The Ber-Ginger Weisse

Brewed with fresh ginger, this German inspired sour wheat beer packs an exotic twist. Balancing the gentle warmth of ginger with just a touch of acidity, it’s refreshing addition to our range.

Malt: Extra Pale Maris Otter, Wheat, CaraPils

Hops: Wai-iti

Yeast: US-05

ABV: 3.9%

EBC: 5

IBU: 10

SKU: Keg and 330ml Bottle



The Loral & Amarillo Blonde

Light and hoppy, this brew is everyone’s favourite blonde. Crafted from one of our favourite yeasts, featuring the hybrid characteristics of Loral and fruity aromas of Amarillo, it’s another Belgian flavour filled triumph.

Malt: Extra Pale Maris Otter, Pilsner, Wheat

Hops: Loral, Amarillo

Yeast: WLP510

ABV: 5.6%

EBC: 6

IBU: 20

SKU: Keg and 330ml Bottle



The Apricot Saison

Feeling fruity? Fresh, lively and full of flavour, The Apricot Saison packs a serious punch. Featuring a dry, spiced character to the base and with subtle notes of sweet apricot, it’s a real palate pleaser.

Malt: Extra Pale Maris Otter, Wheat, Flaked Barely, CaraPils, Rye

Hops: Centennial, Motueka

Yeast: WLP590

ABV: 6.4%

EBC: 6

IBU: 15

SKU: Keg, 330ml Bottle



The Sea Salt & Chilli Stout

Introducing the beer with a bite. This big, rich stout is brewed with chilli and salt for maximum flavour. The salt adds a slight savoury note to balance the big malt flavours, whilst the heat from the chilli builds gently with every sip.

Malt: Extra Pale Maris Otter, Chocolate, Oats, Amber, Black Prinz, Roasted Barely

Hops: Columbus

Yeast: US-05

ABV: 7.4%

EBC: 87

IBU: 25

SKU: Keg & 750ml Bottle



The Brother Sean

Bold, rich and complex, this continental twist on our classic Stout Porter is fermented using a Belgian strain of yeast. Brewed only once a year, Brother Sean rests in the bottle for 12 months before its release. The result is well worth the wait.

Malt: Extra Pale Maris Otter, Chocolate, Amber, Black

Hops: Cascade, East Kent Goldings

Yeast: WLP530 (2016)

ABV: 8.4%

EBC: 84

IBU: 21

SKU: 750ml Bottle, very occasional keg.



The Coffee Porter

Just the right side of hoppy with a twist of coffee. With a subtler roasty base than our other Porter’s, this beer features a more complex malt bill with fruity, coffee aromas. Crafted using cold-brew Taylor Street Coffee and English Ale yeast.

Malt: Extra Pale Maris Otter, Munich, Chocolate, Oats, Special B, Amber, Black Prinz

Hops: Willamette

Yeast: US-05, S-04

ABV: 7.4%

EBC: 80

IBU: 22

SKU: Keg, 330ml Bottle